Audio mixing is the process of combining multitrack recordings into a final stereo or surround sound product. These tracks, that are blended together, are done so by setting the loudnes level and pan of each track, and processed using various tools such as equalization and compression. The effects are added to gain more atmosphere, spark the listeners interest and blend tracks even further into a cohesive unit. Svarog Studio uses top quality and industry standard mixing tools and plugins to make all that possible.


Mastering is the final step in audio production whose aim is to glue and polish the track as well as optimise it for playback on various playback devices. In this step of production the level of your tracks is brought up to the industry standard and the sonic quality is made consistent from song to song. Quality mastering, that Svarog Studio provides, will make both your tracks and the whole album sound as one rounded and polished unit.

Svarog Studio will provide mastering for Spotify and iTunes 

Enhancement/Restoration and other services

Svarog Studio offers services of audio restoration and enhancement for various material and situations. We can enhance and clean up the sound for your podcasts/youtube videos, or take recordings of live performances, clean them up and make them pop. Drum replacement, old recording restoration, and any kind of audio in need of repair is in our domain. We use only the best processors and plugins to remove noise, rumble, hiss and click you may have in your audio and we breathe life back into them.
For any of these services please contact us and explain what kind of service are you looking for, we will be happy to help you.

How to get your songs mixed/mastered at 
Svarog studio

In short, you will send us all of your recorded or mixed tracks following our simple guide. We will then professionally mix/master them and send you a preview. Once you confirm you got the desired product, you will get full tracks sent to you. Head over to our Guide page to know exactly how to do it.

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*For more information about our pricing, offers and discounts make sure you contact us. Prices shown below are our usual rates, but they can be adjusted regarding your needs or project complexity.

15% Discount for 3+ tracks

*Svarog Studio accepts only Paypal payment at this time.

Mix + Master

Our mix + master combo is the best bang for your buck. You will get 20% discount after calculating mix price.

5 Revisions
10-12 days turnaround

$120 – $220
€110 – €210

$99 – $199
€85 – €169


Prices for mixing are adjusted in regards to the number of tracks and complexity of the project.

5 Revisions
7-10 days turnaround

$100 – $200
€90 – €190

$79 – $179
€69 – €169


We ofer a fixed standard rate for all our mastering services.

5 Revisions
7-10 days turnaround




Prices for enhancement, restoration and other services varie depending on the material we work with.

5 Revisions
5-7 days turnaround

$30 – $70
€25 – €65

$19 – $59
€15 – €49

Contact us

So you have tracks that need mixing, mastering or enhancement? Maybe you have more questions about our services? Send us a message, tell us what you need and let’s make magic happen.


    *Full address available upon client request